Milan, July 10th

Dear Ma,

We have gotten here at last, but we haven't been here long enough to know where we are going next. We got in last night about quarter of twelve and now it is only 9:30 this morning.

It was a thirty hour train ride coming down and terribly dirty. When we got here, there wasn't anybody to meet us, so we had to get out and get rooms where they were to be found.

Yesterday morning we came down through wonderful country near the Swiss border. The River Arc and Lake Bourget were right beside the railroad. I never have seen such a green in any water as that of the lake. The rivers are all gray and muddy, but they say that further east the water is better.

When we crossed the Italian frontier, the timber seemed to get thicker and although it was cloudy so that the tops of the mountains didn't always show, still they weren't quite so rough and steep as on the French side of the frontier.

At present I am writing while waiting for the gang to come down to breakfast. The night before last we spent on the train, with no place to sleep except the seats. I managed to curl up and doze a bit, but it wasn't very restful.

I will write again as soon as something happens, but at the rate we have been moving, I think it best to drop a line when possible and not count on being able to at some later time. We have had to set our watches ahead 7 hours, so I suppose you won't even be seeing daylight now at home. Now I want to find out what has happened to the rest of the bunch as they haven't come down or else have gone somewhere.