August 11, 1917

Dear Ma:-

Well, yesterday was a big day for me and the section as well. Oh, no croix de guerses or anything like that, but simply 10 packages for yours truly, with everything from soda mints to Victor records and bacon. Say! what a time we had and the cries of joy from the others. If you had sent some of those things when I was at Camb. last winter, I most likely would have said just "thank you". I don't know how I can say what those things mean out here as a variety from poilu food. At lunch yesterday, we had one of the big tin boxes of crackers and you ought to have seen them go. It was an awful flood and it must have been a lot of trouble to do up and get, but if you could have seen us enjoying them, I'm sure you would have thought it was worth while. Yesterday, someone in the section found some oatmeal and they had it for breakfast this morning. I came out to post yesterday afternoon and got a little of the oatmeal and brought the bacon with me, too. This morning, the boy who is here with me and I had a breakfast as follows:

Fruit. Blackberries if we had wanted, but we were in too much of a hurry for the next course.
Oatmeal. American style, cooked in a mess kit cover.
Coffee. Flavored with ashes, smoke, etc.
Borden's Condensed Milk.
Strawberry Jam.
Army bread, and
Domino Sugar.

Now, that is what I call "some feed".

Tomorrow, we are planning for as follows:
Blackberries, with sugar and B. C. M.
Oatmeal - still have a trifle.
Eggs maybe, if we find a hen.
Bread, jam, etc.

Those menus look pretty good to me after French breakfasts of coffee and bread. However, I don't want to get back to debating on food, but before I stop that subject, I must say many, many thanks from me and the section.

But now as to my various war activities. Last night we had a call and got back about 12. To illustrate how quiet it is, we couldn't find anyone in the bureau and altho' we technically aren't supposed to handle the men we had to wake some men in a ward who turned on the lights. We took him in and they helped put him to bed. On the way back, we stopped on top of a hill. We could see star shells and guns flashing in three-quarters of a circle around us like this:

[illustration missing]

[rest of letter missing]