July 12, 1918

Dear Ma,

We moved on from Milano on the 10th to Vicenza. We have been here for two days and are going out to the front this afternoon. Carr and I are going to Section 3.

I wrote to the Equitable Trust yesterday and told them to write and send me a check book as soon as they heard from New York. I also asked them if they would make some arrangement so that I could draw as much as I wanted in case of emergency and if they would notify their correspondent, the Credito Italiano, that I had a right to draw whatever I needed. It would be very hard to cable from here as the nearest cable office is in Milano.

Everything here is very cheap. I have been buying a bunch of odds and ends, as this will be the last chance.

Nothing very much has happened since we left Milano. I discovered this morning that our term of service started the day we left New York. It certainly is nice here, though, because they try to do the right thing by us here and have told us that they will always listen to complaints. The Italians, too, are awfully appreciative.

I will write after we get out to the section which is being run by an old ambulance boy.

Till then,