12 Rue Corambert (XVIe)

My dear Mrs. Locke:-

It has been such pleasure meeting your son and he won all our hearts at once. The children are crazy about him and my husband and I are much impressed by his seriousness. I am sure he will do splendid work and you will have cause to be proud of him.

We met through Harvey such a nice man, Dudley Gunn, from California. He seems devoted to your boy and I am sure he will look after him should anything happen.

I hope Harvey will let me know should he need anything. Anyway, he is to spend his first vacation with us at the seashore. My husband is leaving next week for Morocco where he joins Gen. Lyantey. It seems far away, but then I am happy to think that he has such a splendid opportunity to do good work for France.

The United States is doing splendid work. We certainly need you.

With kindest remembrances. Let me know if there is anything I can do for your son. It will be a great pleasure.

Yours sincerely,

May H. Leatelle.