November 14, 1918

Dear Mother:-

Just a hasty line about past and future. We drove in from the front two days ago. Got to Field Headquarters yesterday and as only three of us had longer to serve, the section was disbanded and we all were given honorable discharges from the service and papers for a two weeks leave in Italy. Ten of us - all there were left in the section - came on here to Milan whence five of us are leaving for Rome tonight. Ed Musser and Frank Thomas and I are going from there to Naples and possibly Palemo, according to how much time we have.

After the two weeks, we will return here and then go to France. We will sail as soon after that as possible and with a little luck should be home by New Years, although the boats are very crowded and it is hard to obtain passage. I will drop postals from the towns we visit and try to write, too. Everything is fine. I have drawn all the balance of my account (192 lires) from the bank and they also gave me 500 lires on credit which Dad will hear from through the Equitable Trust. I didn't just see how I could support myself for 14 days on 192 lires, so I drew the other.