November 16, 1918

Dear Mother:-

We have been here in Rome two days and a half. The first day we had a terrible time finding a hotel until we went to the Y.M.C.A. and asked where they would suggest. Yesterday, it rained, but nevertheless we saw the forum of Trojan, the Foro Romano, the Coliseum and the Catacombs. I could not take any photos as it was raining, so I sent postals to Betty and the kids of the various places. I wish you would keep them and paste them in my book of letters which you said you were making up.

Today it is raining hard, but we went to see the church of Sta. Maria Maggiore and the new monument of King Victor Emanuel which is not yet finished. Later this afternoon, we expect to go to the Pantheon and tomorrow to St. Peters and the Vatican.

We eat wherever we happen to be and although it seems to me that living here is more expensive than either England or France, we don't have much trouble finding food. Meat is especially scarce and eggs are worth about a lire apiece.

In a couple of days, I think we will be chasing down to Naples and I hope then that we will soon run out of this weather.

Please save the post cards for me.