August 17, 1918

23rd letter

Dear Mother:-

Just a line in an odd moment is all this can amount to. We have been going pretty strong lately back here at headquarters. Yesterday, I did 381 kilometers and didn't get in until 2:30 this morning. The day before I got in at 3:30. We don't usually get our calls till noon, but from ten on we go until our hospital is empty. Then for the last two nights, I have gone up to one of the posts and helped out there until they were finished. I do hope, though, that we see some wounded some time soon in place of these malaria cases. I have an idea that we will, too, but then the wise men have been promising action ever since the middle of July and it hasn't come yet. Nor does it look much more likely now. They have just come down and said there was a call. I am sorry I haven't time for more.

Everything is 0.K. Will write when I get a chance.