Oct 17, 1917

Dear Ma -

Cable came today and I would answer it if it were possible, but it is not possible to cable from here. I have no doubt that Captain McClintock's letter will help a lot for, as I have written before, I cannot get in any regular service until I am 18. I wrote to Col. Kean asking him if I could stay in this and he said that not even the President could authorize it. However, since I have heard of an ambuslance service that is under the supervision of the Red Cross - not the Army - ?? it any service. I believe it is made up of men who have been turned down from other military service and certain sections are giong to Italy.I would love to do that until next summer and then enter aviation, as Americans in the French flying service say that it is not very good to enter now as then you get bad weather for your test flights, etc. Therefore, as soon as I reach Paris, I will go to the Red Cross and see Gen. Murphy. I have not had an answer from the Red Cross to the letter I wrote asking for particulars about this ambulance service. Hoever, I will cable when I reach Paris and as soon as I decide anything definitely.

Nothing particular is happening here. On the 20th,  most of us are leaving for Paris. After that, some of us may go to Nice for a week to make up for the permission that we were not given, altho' we meant to get one after three months out.

Feeling fine, wather better, and had puffed rice for breakfast. All's well with the world.