November 19, 1918

Hotel Isotta & Geneve,

N a p l e s

Dear Mother:-

We pulled in here this morning and located here. There are five of us who have stuck together so far, three boys from California, Ed Musser, Frank Thomas and Charlie Doe; Wilbur Smith from Greenwich, Conn., and myself.

This morning we all started off for Pompeii. We got a very good guide who showed us through the city and was then going to take us up Vesuvius, but it began to rain very hard just after lunch and we had to call that part of it off.

Tomorrow we hope to be able to see the Museum of S. Martino, the National Museum and the Aquarium in the morning. Then if it is clear, we will try Vesuvius in the afternoon.

This evening we went to the music hall. One girl came out with a big basket of flowers and sang a song and threw the flowers into the audience. When she had about half finished, all the people in the balcony who had been looking at us sort of curiously during the performance, began to call "American, American", so instead of handing out the rest of the flowers to all the high muck - a - mucks in the boxes, the second half of the basketful came our way. It is rather queer to see how much more cordial and courteous the people get as we have moved south.

It is well on toward 12 P.M. so I think I will turn in. Everything is going fine and we are enjoying ourselves and seeing a lot, too.