May 21, 1917

Dear Ma: -

I am only going to fill up this sheet and I may have to stop before then.

Since I wrote last, nothing much exciting has happened. So far as the ambulance is concerned, I am trying hard to get out in this next section (26) which leaves this week and which most of my friends are going in. Mr. Andrews, who has been trying to railroad the camion service through, has sort of stopped pressing the subject as one of the officers nearly resigned because of the way he treated us who stuck with the Ambulance. As I think I said, we are no longer the American Ambulance, but, the "American Field Service in France" with three branches: Ambulance Field Service, Ambulance Paris Service and Camion, or Transport Service.

Mme. Lestelle and her husband have been treating me royally. Dinner with them and Robert Neeser (who has forwarded the birds from the Swiss man), tea today and an invitation to spend my leave later at their summer place. I met Mrs. Neeser and am eating with her at the Majestic tomorrow night. M. Lestelle, who is a sous-lieutenant, is a perfect peach.

Betty's letter and yours arrived and were more than welcome. May I ask one thing, tho. I love to hear of Hannie and Neltie, but I do wish you could realize how little news we get and you would send me clippings from the newspapers. Please thank Bet for sending me the picture sections and ask her if she will enclose with them what front pages and other interesting things she can. She asked me if I wanted any "games, etc.", which was very considerate. If Horlick's Malted milk in powder or tablet form can be included under the "etc.", I would love some and besides some old men I have seen say that it is very good to have to eat during continuous night work when you want something nourishing or other than stimulants as coffee. Please remember me to Marj. and tell her that I would like to hear from her, and that I have not found her friend Doris yet, but am still looking.

I have found my knowledge of a Ford very handy already in helping some more ignorant friends.

Now I must call a halt. Everything from the U. S.A. and about it is very, very welcome.


I went to the bank today and got a check book and acknowledged the receipt of 570 francs.