May 21, 1917

Dear Ma:

Four of us whose engagement was over on the 28th, but had not had permissions, left the section yesterday. We are now in Paris staying at the Etat Unis, but don't use this as an address on letters or other things as I do not know how long we will be here. Send ecverything as I cable to the

American Express Co.
11 Rue Scribe

Of course, we cannot get our honorable discharges from this until the 29th and until then, we cannot enter any other service. Of course, General Grayson Murphy has not Capt. McClintoch's letter yet, but tomorrow I think I will try to see him and see what he has to offer. It must be a place with at least enough pay to keep me going for I certainly don't like to cable to you for it and yet one must live, and to do that clothes and food are necessary. I hope you will all trust me in this as much as in choosing my job here, for I realize that money must be made to go a long way in war time and I am trying to make it.

Here in Paris there are all sorts of uniforms - Serbian, Portuguese, British, New Zealand, etc, etc. Personally, I don't think the Americans are making much of a hit for they seem mostly bto be the kind that sit down in a restaurant or cafe and shout for whatever they want across the whole room and act as through they owned the whole place. The officers, too, are not much of a looking crowd, especially the lieutenants and captains that got commissions for the asking - or that is the way it looks. I hope they make a good name in the field for they well be in wrong.

I walked out to see the Lestelles today, but they were out, so I left a note.

Tomorrow or next day, I will write again and I hope that by that time, something will be settled.

I am all right, except for a little stomach trouble which I am sure will be all right in the morning, s I got something for it this afternoon. I am sorry, really, that I had to cable for money, but I hope I won't have to again. I am going to get into somebody's pay soon, preferably the U.S. government's.



P.S. Rayonard is not boarding us any more, altho' they contracted to look after our board and lodging so long as we were in their service, which is until the 28th.