Firenze, November 22, 1918

Dear Mother:-

We arrived here today and were met at the station by two ladies in the Red Cross that one of the boys met in the Home Office. They brought us to this hotel and arranged prices and everything for us. This afternoon two of them took us to tea at a very nice little Tea Room and tomorrow one of the ladies who has been living here since the beginning of the war with her husband is going to show us some of the town. Later, I believe she is going to take us all out to their house for tea and an apple pie.

Yesterday we were in Rome and had a delightful time at dinner with Col. Perkins. He asked us all out to the villa which the American Academy has given to the A.R.C.

We had a fine, really civilized meal and a very pleasant evening afterwards. Of course, I didn't just come out with the letter Mr. Hodges gave me, but I mentioned where I was from and made a remark about the Hodges also.

I met another man, too, who wanted to be remembered to you. I walked into his office to ask about something and the first thing he said was: "Are you Harvey Williams"'? Then he said he thought he had met me before, but I could not think when, so he said: "Well, I went to college with your father and you look so much like him that I knew you right away". He was Mr. Thompson and I imagine his first name is Phillip, as the Colonel kept calling him Phil at dinner. He is a captain in the Red Cross.

The supper bell has just been rung and also, we have not seen enough of the town yet to write about it.

This pen is nearly impossible, but I hope you can read this all right.