August 23, 1917

Dear Ma:-

This is just a short note for I don't know how soon I may write again. Two days ago we were told we would move from here very soon. Since then, of course posts are kept as usual, but everything is rather bustly. Today, I received the four tins of alcohol and the sugar, only one day after the letter and the list of things as well as my college report. I don't really think you need send things by first class for it is all right now that things have begun to arrive. There has also been a new rule passed that B. C. M. will only take packages under 10 kilos (15 - 20 lbs.) and nothing bulky or too big for the mail sacks.

I was glad to see the chocolate, crackers and tea on the list. I would love some cold cereals - grapenuts, etc., for we can get lots of milk but no cereals.

I think I will stay in this for another three months until things are more settled.

Last night we were bombed by an aeroplane so low that even though it was 10 at night, we could see him. Nobody was hurt and no damage done in the town itself, but I don't know about the hospitals and things outside. He dropped 17 bombs.

I shouldn't have written this as it's much too dark, but I don't know when I will get a chance to write again if we move soon.


Feeling wonderful, but would like something to counteract bugs which are getting a foothold in the section.