July 24, 1918

Letter No. 13.

Dear Betty:-

How would you like to be looked over by the King of Italy, the Commander-in-Chief of the Italian Armies, General Swift, General Plummer (the Englishman) and all the men of the staff. That's what happened to us this morning and we had to get up at 4 A. M. so as to have it done. That's the only part of the day down here that is cool enough to allow a big review.

They had a big grand stand on one side of the field and all sorts of troops made up the other three sides of the square. They had cavalry, artillery,armored motor cars, men on bicycles that fold up so they can be carried, infantry and us. They also had an observation balloon that was attached to a motor truck. 

First, the King and all the others walked all the way around the square and looked us all over. Then he went to the grandstand and decorated some Italian flags and some soldiers. Then we all had to pass in review. When all the troops had marched by the King, about five aeroplanes appeared and did stunts above the crowd.

All this happened after the air raid that I told you all about in the letter just before this, so you see I have been up the better part of the last two days.

I hope pretty soon I get a letter from you and I hope it is filled up with clippings from the papers so that we can have some real news.

Peyton Carr has just said something about our 6 months being over six months after the day we signed our applications. Someone else said that the 6 months was not up until six months after the day we sailed. The first way I could get home for Christmas and 1 would be tempted to do it. You find out what all the family want me to do, stay or come home if I could get home for Christmas. Also, I want you to tell Dad that I got a money order from the Equitable Trust Co. for 586 francs and then thank him for me very nicely.

I suppose Han and Neltie both fall into the pond regularly on hot days. I wish I could, but I am on call now so I can't even go and fall into our river. Write to me often and tell Neltie he can practice grammar and penmanship on me, too, if he wants.


P.S. Did the post cards I sent arrive all right?