July 26, 1918 14th letter

Dear Ma:-

I wrote to Betty yesterday and numbered the letter 13, meaning that it was the 13th to the family, not to herself.

Today the first batch of mail came with three letters from home and the one from Warren Morse that you forwarded. It's too bad that Betty and Han got the measles, but it had to come sooner or later. I suppose they will all be fine by the time this gets home and that they will be wading in some sound or ocean or aren't you going to the seashore this summer?

I am terribly sorry about George Haydock. It seems that this gets to be more and more of a personal war every day. Boys whom I knew at Cambridge and were in my class are getting hit every day, but I guess there are plenty who knew them who will get more than one Bosche for every one of them. We get very little news, but somehow it comes through in letters and things that so and so was killed and someone else wounded. I hear Quentin Roosevelt was shot down in his plane.

I am out at one of the posts now, but there is very little that is new to see. The roads aren't as good as the French roads and they have those very deep ditches on each side (3 - 6 feet) full of water that make driving rather precarious and dangerous at night. Otherwise everything is just the same. We hope they may start an offensive in August or September so that we will get some work.

The Equitable Trust Co. has arranged my bank account here in Italy for 887-50 lires and will let me overdraw 500 lires in case of necessity.


I wish I could have been home for the flag raising and all. It must have been lots of fun. It sounds, too, as though you had been having a fine time rearranging the house. How big has the shop grown. Has it a regular bunch of workers or just Ces and the family and those who happen to come in. I hope this isn't sort of a hollow letter, but there really isn't much to write about because everything is so quiet. Today it has been real cool. Incidentally, if there is any way to get a sweater (sleeveless) over here to me, I would appreciate it as one of the men on the boat swiped mine and I wasn't able to find it or get it back. Ask Marj if she could bring it or get it sent through the Mayfair.