June 27, 1917

Dear Ma,

Your three notes, or rather your one, Mr. Butler's and Miss Lyon's, all came today. I am sorry that no letters have reached you for so long, but I can see by figuring back that any would have left here just about the time I was getting ready to leave Paris, and I was tremendously busy then. At first I was a little worried, for, although I have been careful not to mention places where we were working, I did mention the places we passed through coming out from Paris after we had been through and left them, and I thought the censor might have cut them out. Only one or two of your notes appear to have been opened, and then nothing was censored.

Yesterday I got in from the post where I had been for four days - it seemed like two minutes. Tomorrow I am going out again. There has been only one thing outside the routine work since I have been back here. This afternoon a big German observation plane came over and scouted around for about half an hour. Then, while we were swimming in the river Meuse he was attacked by some French machines and after about ten minutes came down about three miles away. The French planes could fly circles around the German and they kept driving him down till finally be began to come down in a spiral. When he was about a 1/4 of a mile above the earth, his machine dove and he fell out. I suppose the aviator was shot dead before the machine hit the ground. Anyway, after he fell out, the machine fell straight as an arrow and must have hit tremendously hard. Tomorrow I hope to got a chance to go out to see him. Please excuse this haste, but I didn't know when I would get a chance to write again. I can't cable any more for there are no cable stations within miles of where we are now, but I will try and write oftener. However, the days fly like minutes, and it only seems last night that I wrote last, yet it was two or three days ago. A month out of Paris tomorrow, too, and it only seems like about a week. Now I must go on to the next duty. Please thank Miss Lyon for her note and also the candy, which as yet I have not received. I will write to her when I got a chance. I am feeling fine merely because I want to be doing something every minute and there always is something to do.