August 28, 1918

26th letter

Dear Mother:-

Your last letter came a couple of days ago with one from Betty, and another from Betty came today, which was written July 29th. From what she said, I gathered that all of you were having a fine airing at Spring Lake except Dad, who had to commute quite a distance. We are getting back to the normal way of living, too. Three or four times in the last couple of weeks I have gotten to bed before midnight and yesterday I only went about 65 kilometers.

Your letter about the heat came a day after I had to change a front tire about 3 P.M. We carry two extra tubes which are supposed to be good. The Sergeant in charge gave me these two saying they were O.K., but they both had punctures in them. So I had to patch one of them but that would not work. All this was going on in nice bright sunshine, but there is a lot more to the sunshine here than just brightness. Sometimes I wish it was only 95. The nights are usually cool now but the mosquitoes are still strong. Last night we all tied our napkins around our heads and even then they seemed to get in and bite. I was offficially credited with killing 22 during one course.

This post I am at now is a pretty big place but they only have one of our cars here as there are a number of Italian ambulances. I have a very nice room, most of the niceness I improvised the first morning I was here, and a soldier who brings me water to wash with and coffee when I want it, etc. A major is in charge and we eat at his table with five captains and four lieutenants and a butler with a white starched coat serves us. We have napkins and table cloths and all the other fixings.

We haven't had any excitement now for some time. During the last moon even the tedesci didn't come over once and give us a real raid.

It looks now as though it was getting on toward the rainy season. This morning it is quite chilly and cloudy. These roads won't be particularly agreeable when they are continually wet either. They have sort of a clay surface and usually they are very high in the middle. That works in very well to sort of run you into the ditch. I haven't had a real accident yet, but I sort of spoiled the complexion of a bicyclist who turned out of the foot path along the side of the road and tried to ram me a bit aft of amid ships. He wasn't as badly hurt as he deserved. I have been finishing this while waiting for a trip which has just come in. Write all the news.