COSMO HOTEL, London, July 2, 1918

Dear Ma,

We arrived last night and got off the boat this morning and got to London at about 4 P. M. We may stay here over the fourth, but no longer than that.

This afternoon we went down to Picadilly, Trafalgar Square and St. James Park. Most of the policemen must think we are crazy, for we would hook on to one and walk over his beat with him and then change to another. They would tell us everything from the lords who lived in the houses and their personal affairs to what company made the "keep to the left" signs.

I cabled this afternoon as soon as I found the office. They said you would get the cable tomorrow and as it will say where it was sent from, I didn't think it necessary to put in where we were.

We haven't seen a very large part of the town as yet, but so far I haven't seen anything very different from what one would imagine it was. You walk into a square or a street and are surprised to recognize the name of so many stores in it.

Tomorrow they are going to take us sight-seeing and maybe we will leave for Paris on the fourth. We did not see a "sub" or a sign of one all the way over, although we figured we were on about the same latitude as that hospital ship that was sunk three or four days ago. We couldn't have been very much farther out from land, either. They gave us a fine escort, though, so everybody felt pretty safe. I have heard a rumor that a convoy of ships came in about a week before us and one was following

I suppose the Red Cross notified you about our arrival and that you got my card. Will write again from here if I have time.