November 2, 1917

Dear Ma,

Have had three letters from you and three from Rebecca during the last four days and they were the first in nearly four weeks. Also, a cable saying that you had just received the first letter from me for a long time. The mails must have been blocked both ways for I should say that I had written once every foour or five days, on average.

Not a great deal that is exciting happens here, but it is very restful and nice. I think I told you that I am driving a Dodge. Today I put in about nine hours on the road. I go all about town and also make a trip or two a day out into the country to the factories. It is all very interesting to me because, usually, I et a bit of a chance to look over the plants. The other day, I went all through the aluminum foundry where they cast parts for one type of plane.

Yesterday, I drew 137 francs ($24) for six days work. Quite a bit, but one can just about live comfortably as everything, prices in restaurants especially, has gone up a lot since the U.S. troops really began to appear here.

Major Warde is very nice and rides around with me quite a bit. You can tell Brad that I am ging to get into the air as soon as I can, but I don't see how I can begin before next July 10th.

This is rather hasty, but it says that I am alive still and feeling fine.


P.S. I hope you sent my big 2 1/4 x 4 1/4 Kodak and some films. Did you get the letter asking for it?