September 2, 1918

29th letter

Dear Betty:-

I would be willing to bet anything that you can't guess what I am using to write by. No, and I won't tell, either!

A soldier gave me a couple of these cards in return for a cigarette and when I told him I was going to send one to my sister, he said he would draw a flower for you. He is quite an artist and claims to have won two or three gold medals at expositions.

It has been very rainy and wet all day, so there has been very little doing except some machine gun firing just now. I just happened to pick this ap and so I wrote on it. It is one of car report sheets. Everything is fine.


P.S. The diagram on the other side will show you what I am writing by.

[picture of Italian grenade]

This is an Italian hand grenade.

(1) is the main part where the powder is. We damp that out and take the fuse out of the tube (3) and put in a wick (2), then we fill it with gasoline and have 6 nice little lamp.