September 3, 1917

Dear Ma-:-

I had a nice long letter from you yesterday, dated the 15th of August. I remember you spoke of waste, but such a thing is unknown. For instance, that strip of bacon. There is now only about an inch left, but already I have cut off part of he rind to use for greasing shoes and wihth the help of a cartridge, we make the Sterno solid alcohol cans into lamps.

As usual, there is nothing much doing. This morning, we made a round of the posts looking for men who needed to go to the dentist, but none could be found.

Aeroplanes are giving us what excitement we get. I came out from our cantonment two days ago. The night I came out, the Bosche dropped bombs all around the park where our cars are and altho' I haven't seen it, the boys say that there are some holes as big as those made by 210's - about 8 feet deep and 15 wide. Whether they were after the section or not,we don't know, but it looks that way. The Bosche planes also have a way of mitraillensing the roads at night in hopes of getting the ammunition and supply trains. Three or four of the boys have been shot at, but I have not had any night work since all this aeroplane business started.

At present, things are very unsettled in that we don't know what army control may mean. I may have to come home in November or maybe not. However, I am feeling fine and weather is splendid. Thanks for all the papers (3) bundles that arrived a couple of days ago.