October 6, 1918

36th letter

Dear Mother:-

Since I wrote last, I have had letters from all the family except Dad and Grandpa. At present, things very much represent the American Ambulance when the sections were breaking up. Nobody knows just what is going to happen and everyone is full of different rumors. Now they say that they will fill up the vacancies made by the fellows as they leave by Italians and that we will all have to serve our time out. That may mean that I will be here well into December or I may be able to get to France shortly after the middle of November, according as they figure our time. Some say it begins when we left N.Y. and some when we signed our contracts.

We have been getting some real cold weather for the last week, with heavy frosts, but it is letting up a bit and getting back to the heat.

The work is letting down a bit, but we still have to keep going pretty steadily. There has been no excitement outside of a little more than the usual artillery action.

Thank Ran and Neltie for their letters and Betty also. I have gotten two Saturday Evening Posts, two bundles of papers, a letter with clippings and the package of mints. All very welcome and in remarkably good condition when they arrived. A "Life" that was with one of the Saturday Evening Posts., was warmly welcomed by all and a waiting list formed very quickly to read it.

A call came in back in the middle of the last page, so I will have to cut this short. As I said I will cable when I leave for France and after that, my address will be c/o American Express Co., 11 Rue Scribe, Paris.

Many thanks for all the things.