November 7, 1917

Dear Ma:-

Went to the American Express today and found two letters from you and one from Bet. I don't even remember writing that I was going in the French army. However, I am very comfortable in this berth in all but one way - I'd like to get back on really active service at the front, but I don't see how I can and be sure of getting into the flying branch of the aviation afterwards.

At present I see things this way: I can't get in any government service until I am 18. If I come home, I may not be able to get back. I can go back in the ambulance if I sign for the duration of the war. Then to get into aviation, I would have to be transferred from one service to the other, a rather difficult matter. Therefore, I have got to mark time here until next July and then Major Warde, whom I mention before as having gone to Cutler at the same time as father, has promised to help me get into the Royal Flying Corps if the Americans have not lowered their age limit to 16. However, he believes the latter will be a possible and probable thing.

Yesterday I made a fine run of some 65 kilometers to eight factories and a flying field about the city. All the places are very interesting and at one factory, I saw the wood., aluminum, etc., come in raw and pass out as a finished plane. One of the boys who went out with the section - Dad Gunn - is acting as interpreter at the field and I hope through him to get a chance to go up soon.

Col. Murphy has been away for awhile and as I am on the job from 8 A.M. till 6 P.M. , I don't get much of a chance to see people. However, I get a day off soon and will go then.

I am staying at the hotel Excelsior and pay 19 francs a week for a very nice, clean room with a wonderful bed - the most interesting piece of furniture. Better keep on using the American Express Co. address, though, as then if I move, there is less delay.

I come up here to the Y.M.C.A. almost every night as it is very near and a beautiful old house, wonderfully furnished and very pleasant for reading or writing. This is about all the news.