American Hotel, Paris, July 8

Dear Ma,

We have gotten this far 0. K. and expect to move on tonight, if we can get our papers through.

I went to the American Express and found that they had sent nothing to the states. They had seven packages here, but could not deliver them immediately as they were in storage, so I had them forwarded to our address in Italy. The trunk was here also.

I have not had a chance to try to find John Walsh as we have been kept pretty busy getting our papers straightened out. It would be very nearly a hopeless job anyway, as there are so many garages and offices where he might be.

I made arrangements with the Equitable Trust Co to notify their correspondents in Italy as to my credit with them. By the way, did you make any emergency arrangement with the Equitable Trust so that in case of necessity I could draw whatever I might need even though that much might not be in the bank. That is the way we had it fixed before, I think.

I'm feeling fine, although we haven't had much sleep and have been going pretty steadily.