May 9,1917

Dear Ma,

Of course you won't got this for some time but still I want to enumerate some things which I want to get and cannot get here. First, some light woolen underwear. Not long drawers and no sleeves on the shirts (chest size 38). Then some "Black and White" soap which comes in small tins. Then some paper such as this and finally some toothpaste (Kolynos) and such other little necessities as you think will be used up before 5 or 6 weeks are over. Now for my actions during the past few days. We arrived in Bordeaux yesterday (Tuesday) at about 9:30 A. M. and came up to Paris on an 11 o'clock train. The country is simply wonderful. You can't describe it but the apple trees and cherry trees and lilacs are in bloom and all the trees the most luscious green. It all looks like one of these little toy villages that one can buy in the U. S. Toy trains, houses, trees and everything. Anyway, we got to Paris 0. K. and it surely is some city. I have spent the day going around getting things, but all the big buildings are closed so that only exteriors are visible. I got a map and now I can get along in fine style. It really is awfully easy to travel and more remarkable how little French one has to know. Not much has happened so far except getting sort of settled. It looks, though, as though I might get out fairly soon for there are some awful boobs here. Some fellows haven't even ridden in a Ford much less driven one. I hope this will be circulated and so it may do for more than one letter. I discovered that Mr. Nesser's sister lives very near (some 10 blocks) so the package will be delivered 0. K.

Money seems to flow sort of fast. 215 francs for uniform (costs and pants) alone but it can't be helped and I am economizing where I can. Tomorrow I will go in to make the acquaintance of Mr. Slade at the Equitable. I will also cable if anything is needed urgently.

Jean did not meet me and I did not see him so I still have his package.

If you still have those old pants (Plum Island) that I did not take, I think I could use them, as well as such tools as Kirkpatrick recommended. The latter seem scarce. I also suggest that you send things through the mail and not thru the Ambulance as from what I have seen here the first seems the quicker. I don't expect I will be able to cable once every two weeks especially when I am at the front. However, don't worry. All little delicacies are very, very acceptable as all chocolate, etc., are very high here. Now to bed.