Hello, my name is Nate Ackerman.

Hi. My name is Nate. I am four and I'm in second grade (g) and I really like my teacher and I like doing the stuff that she gaves us cause it's too easy. I like going to Pine Crest and I like watching the football games and I like reading and I miss Mrs. Schultze (Laurens' teacher). I'll tell you the names of my friends, Nicole, Alec, and I like Lauren, and Helen Jackson and I like Corine, and Stephana, and I like going to the library, and I like listening to music and I like Mrs. Eberle, my music teacher, and I like Mrs. Hayword, my dance teacher.. I like Mrs. Stackhouse and sometimes we get to play the piano. I'm going to try to play Ace of Base.

We are going to go to Tradewinds Park and I can't wait to go there, and we are going to go to Butterfly World. Kyle jumped up and went 'Ahhhhh.' The end.

Goodbye, come back soon.

[November 17, 1996. Nate was four years old, in pre-k!]