June 12, 1917

Dear Ma:-

Your letter of the 25th and Betty's two arrived yesterday when I was in the middle of the only exciting thing that I have done this week. Sunny France has been overcast since I wrote last and it's rained part of every day. Last Saturday I went to an aviation field near here and while I was there, a big bombing plane went up and a little fast one-man machine came down. Nearly every day they shoot at German avions and we can see the planes and shrapnel.

The exciting thing occurred yesterday when two of the cooks fell sick and they put me in the kitchen with a boy - Karl Burnside - to help me. We turned out a good lunch and for dinner, we cooked roast lamb, hashed brown potatoes, cabbage and onions. Just the same as the Frenchmen would give us, but we took a little care cutting it and cooking it, so that Mr. Hyde has been talking about it every moment since.

Other than these two little matters to break the monotony, nothing has happened. Everything is very quiet except for all sorts of rumors about French and German attacks which are coming soon. Maybe next week I can write something more interesting, but so far we have done absolutely nothing. I am glad that you sent some tooth paste as I am on my last tube. I am only in need of two things now - some pad paper and envelopes and if you want to supplement Brad’s last suggestion to me, some 0. P. M. pipe tobacco (prepared by Cobb, Bates and Taxa).

Now I am going to make myself some tea. I am fine, but over half the sections have been sick on account of something, they think it the water, but it hasn't affected me. I feel as well as I ever have.