October 1, 1918

35th letter

Dear Mother:-

This letter is more a business letter than anything else - no, I am not "financially embarrassed", so you can heave a sigh of relief and read on in a peaceful frame of mind. Enclosed is a page from the Field Service Bulletin which tells as much about the matter as I can, and also a letter from one of the boys in Paris who left the 13th of last month. We expect to be here from four to six more weeks and then the Section will just naturally break up, as most of the fellows will have served their time. The rest of us will most likely be allowed to go and if we want to leave to get into active service, why the Red Cross will let us go. Therefore, I would head right for Paris and find Malcolm Olsen - the author of the enclosed note - and get all set to sign up for Fontain bleu. Probably one or two other fellows from the Section will go and I am almost sure the chef will. If, after reading all this and the enclosed, please cable to me c/o The American Express Co., Paris and just say "Yes" or "No". That will be sufficient, but if you want to say more, all well and good. I am not yet absolutely sure about how much the U. S. Army has to say about your entering this, but if they say it is O.K., 1 want to have everything else fixed. By the way, I don't know how long it takes for my letters to get home, but if this reaches you in the first few days of November, you can cable to me c/o Am. Red Cross, -Milano. I hardly think we will break up before the end of the first week in Nov., but after we do, my address will be c/o American Express Co., 11 Rue Scribe, Paris. I will cable when we leave here for France.

There is no unusual news. It is getting cooler and the artillery on both sides more active. We only have 14 men on Fords, but we have two Fiats which carry 15 men apiece. Now for supper.